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B Jones Mediation

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  • Williams Lake, BC V2G 1W5
  • + 250 305 4838
  • Office Hrs: Today 9.00am to 6.00pm

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“I am dedicated to taking care of my clients during their difficult time. This includes effective, affordable + timely family mediation and divorce coaching so you can move on with the next chapter of your life.”

Plans & Pricings



The general rate for mediation is $120/hr plus GST for all work performed. A commitment fee of $120 (deducted off the final cost of the mediation) is due before services start and is non-refundable if the parties cancel the mediation. All fees are due when the mediation has ended whether an agreement was reached or not.

  • Other variable costs include travel, room rental and photo copying documents.
  • If other supports are needed, it is the party’s reasonability to pay the required service fees. For example, getting legal advice or financial advice, speaking to a counsellor and acquiring a View of the Child Report.


  • * Receive 10% off your mediation if you have no court involvement.
  • * Mediation Package for a two-party only mediation – $500 plus GST: Cost can be shared between parties.
    • * Eligible for low conflict families.
    • * Includes: A one-hour pre-mediation session per party and 3 hours of mediation including the preparation of a MOU. $600 value. If more time is needed, the regular rate of $120/hr. applies thereafter.
    • * Room rental or travel costs are not included in this rate. Options to meet in person at a neutral and mutually agreed to location, or online are available.
  • * Free follow up phone call 6-12 months after, to see
    how everything is going.
  • * 10% off joint follow up session if you want to make changes
    to your existig plan.
Life is a journey

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which the mediator, a neutral third party, facilitates open and respectful communication between parties. Mediation allows parties to better understand and express their needs, interests, concerns, and to define the issues in their dispute more clearly. In mediation, the mediator assists parties in reaching a solution but does not make decisions or offer legal advice. Only the parties make the agreement.

How does mediation Works?

  1. 1. Suggest mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process and both sides need to agree to the process. I offer a free 15 minutes consultation to help you determine if mediation will work for your situation and offer guidance on introducing mediation to the other party.
  2. 2. Find a mediator you are comfortable working with. Check out:
  3. 3. Pre-Mediation. Once there is an agreement to mediate, the mediator meets each party privately, in person or online, to gather information and determine suitably. An important part of the mediation process is screening for safety.
  4. 4. Mediation Session. In person or online. Mediators will work with you to design a process that works for all involved and there can be more than one session if needed. I offer flexible hours and can work around your schedule.
  5. 5. Documentation, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU can be filed with the courts to make it a legally binding agreement if needed.

Benefits to Mediation

    • Quick Mediation is significantly faster than going to court.
    • Private What you say in the mediation cannot be used against you in court.
    • Flexible Mediation is a less formal than court and can be tailored to meet your needs.
    • Affordable You can avoid costly litigation.

    Average Fees for dispute resolution process (per party) from start to finish:

  • Family Law Advocacy Program


    Women’s Contact Society 51A 4th Ave S. Williams Lake BC, V2G 2V2


Family Justice Centers

Family Justice Centers operate across BC to provide services to British Columbians going through separation or divorce. Each center is staffed by accredited Family Justice Counsellors, specially trained to help families with parenting arrangements, contact with a child, guardianship, and support issues. They can help parents resolve disagreements without going to court. They provide short-term counselling, mediation, emergency and community referrals and other free services.